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Brain Cancer Collective ride Southern Highlands - For Dad Join Us

Brain Cancer Collective ride Southern Highlands - For Dad

As a long time cyclist I have undertaken numerous charity rides for causes I have felt a connection to. With this ride however the cause is more than just a connection. It is a stab in the heart reality due to losing my Dad to brain cancer last year. And then within months a dear friend is fighting the same awful thing. 

It is a ride that my heart is telling me I need to be part of. I saw what my Dad went through. 

There a lots of diseases that need a boost in research funds but in memory of my Dad and for my friend battling now I need your help in raising some monies for Brain Cancer Collective.

Today we desperately need major breakthroughs in brain cancer. It remains one of the most devastating cancers and is one of the most under researched of all the cancer groups. Please join me on the road to a cure by donating to drive brain cancer research forward. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and a receipt will be emailed to you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jaimie Bosward


Nikki Beaumont

So proud of you for doing this for this incredible cause - go Drew!


Chris Naylor

Great cause mate, enjoy the ride


Denise C

Go Drew! Great cause!


Drew Paice


Selina And Anthony Sork

Good luck Drew, such an incredible cause! Warm regards, Selina and Anthony


Julian Bowker

Enjoy the hills Drew. Your Dad would be proud of your efforts.


Lesley Sherry

Well done Drew - your Dad will be spurring you on from afar I’m sure🙏👏


Darren Mastin

Hope it goes well Drew!


James Howard

All the best on the road Drew!!



Good work Drew