The Brain Cancer Collective is dedicated to improving brain cancer survival rates.

Brain cancer is one of the world’s deadliest cancers

It kills more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer, yet remains one of the most under-researched of all the cancer groups. Unlike most cancers, brain cancer survival rates have not improved significantly over the last 30 years and remain among one of the lowest of all the cancer survival rates.

The Brain Cancer Collective raises funds to accelerate brain cancer research in Australia.

To make breakthroughs and find new treatments, scientists need to study and understand what drives these deadly tumours and for that they require access to large amounts of high quality tumour tissue and the associated data. Due to the nature of the disease, these tissue samples are extremely hard to gather, which has severely hampered research efforts in the past.

The Brain Cancer Collective is focused on raising funds for Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia who are building the resources needed for more effective brain cancer research and to enhance patient survivorship.


Please join us on the road to a cure by donating to drive brain cancer research forward.


Host a party, sizzle a sausage or come up with a unique fundraising idea.


Sometimes giving your time is just as important as making a donation.

Bike Ride For Brain Cancer

The Bike Ride for Brain Cancer is our annual fundraising event. Riders cycle 250km over two days along a spectacular course from Sydney to the Hunter Valley. For more details and to register your interest visit our dedicated event website.

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