Anthony Collins

Ride the Highlands Brain Cancer CollectiveCC Join Us

Ride the Highlands Brain Cancer CollectiveCC

Today we desperately need major breakthroughs in brain cancer. It remains one of the most devastating cancers and is one of the most under researched of all the cancer groups. 

As some of you may know, we lost our beautiful sister Joanne to this disease in March of last year. I ride with the Brain Cancer Collective Team to help raise funds, to support research into better treatments and cures that may have helped Joanne.

Please join me on the road to a cure by donating to drive brain cancer research forward. 

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and a receipt will be emailed to you.

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Christopher Westwood

Well done Anthony, great effort for a great cause. Doing Joanne proud 👏😀


Margaret Dennis

Nice work Anthony. Lost my brother to GBM so very keen to support further research.


Marnie Mclaren



Andrew Findlay

Thinking of you mate


Jonathon Crook


Patrick & Kathryn Collins

Well done Anthony!


Jason Huddy

Well done AC. Safe travels.


David Collins

Best of luck bro!


John Lardner

Well done Anto. Hope all are doing well. Cannot believe a year has passed.


Enda Murphy

Hi Anthony I hope all good with you and family. Sorry to hear of your sisters illness and passing.. Well done on this cycle mate.. Cheers Murph..👍🏻





So sorry to hear of your sister’s passing. My best friend’s sister also had brain cancer and lost her battle at only 34 years of age. It is a terrible disease and we certainly need more funds to help understand more about the disease in the hope we can have easier detection and treatment strategies. Here’s to a lot more donation dollars to your page! x


Anthony Cochran

Great cause, ride safe Anthony…


The Very Good Bra

I’m so sorry to hear this. I had no idea. Good luck with the ride 🙏🏻


Francoise (frankie) Coirier

A great cause and what a terrific gesture, your sister will be so proud of you. My thoughts are with your family on this upcoming anniversary. A great way to honour her life! All the best with the ride!


Aoife Lucey


Jared Norris

Thanks for doing the hard yards to help raise money for such a good cause.


Scot Thompson


Andrew Baker


Gary Seeley


Shane Collins

Congrats Ant!



Best of luck!!!


Doug Talbot

Go well mate!


Malav Oza


Michael Leonard

Great work Anthony! Ride well!





Im so sorry to hear you lost your sister to this terrible disease Anthony. My sister-in-law also passed away from brain cancer. All the best for the ride!


Vanessa And Michael Renford

Well done Anthony x


Marisa Marconi

Such an important cause - good luck.


James Walsh


Grant Berry

Wonderful cause, all the best for the ride.


Hilary Eichstaedt

Sorry for your loss. Best of luck on the ride


Elissa Crowther

Supporting you in your ride for brain cancer


Grace Pham

I’m so sorry about your loss Anthony. And what a great thing you are doing now to make a difference, good luck and ride safe!


Rebecca Savy


Sinead Owens

Best of Luck Anthony


Kevin John


Siobhan Kilbane

Hi Anthony, I’m so very sorry to hear about your sister. My condolences to you, your family and her friends. All the best for the ride and stay safe x


Chris Davies

Great cause Anthony. Best wishes


Donna Higgins


Nicki Tamblyn

Great cause, ride well Ant